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**We offer 100% legitimate CPL/CCW license classes.. We offer no fluff, no-non sense, straight-to-the-point instruction how to

 safely and efficiently handle a firearm for personal protection. We do not "half-ash" the class just to make an extra buck as it is state

law to have 8-10 hours of legally documented instruction in order to submit a CPL application to your county legitimately and without

the risk of you and your instructor facing a felony charge which could land you and/or your instructor in prison for 4-10 years... 

We are not saying to just take our course.. We are saying, you will feel better taking our course because not only can you be sure

 that you are taking a CPL class that will  NOT open you up to civil liability, lawsuits and /or criminal charges but also a class that you will

feel great about gaining the knowledge and skill required by law to carry a firearm.**


Contact us: 

For questions regarding classes, requirements, discounts etc. contact us at

Phone: 248-277-2908

Email: kas@detroitcpl.com

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